You will have a GREAT variety of content to watch on your satellite TV. Click here to view the program guide.

The channels on our SATELLITE TV list include:



You will also have access to a long list of exclusive IPTV channels while using your new HD box in your home with a strong Internet/WI-FI connection.

To change LISTS simply press the RIGHT ARROW on the remote. there are THREE lists available;

A) “INSTAL-LIFE” – the channels on our custom IPTV list include:

  1. GOD TV AUS – International faith-based television network Australian Feed
  2. GOD TV ASIA – International faith-based television network Asia Feed
  3. GOD TV AFRICA – International faith-based television network African Feed
  4. GOD TV UK – International faith-based television network UK Feed
  5. GOD TV USA – International faith-based television network USA Feed
  6. GOD TV LIVE EVENTS – The BEST of GOD TV’s Global Events
  7. GOD TV Prayer Room Channel – 24/7 International House Of Prayer!
  8. Daystar – Evangelical Christian-based religious network
  9. Hillsong Channel – the very best of Hillsong & their friends for Children, Teens & Adults
  10. TBN – is the world’s largest religious network
  11. Sid Roth (ISN) – Amazing interviews to see what God is doing globally
  12. CBN TV – to help people grow in their walk with God
  13. CBN News – Christian News & Testimonies
  14. BVOVN – Believer’s Voice – Word of Faith teaching
  15. GEB HD – Oral Roberts founded it in 1996. GEB is owned by Oral Roberts University
  16. Bible Screen – 24/7 Bible verses, amazing graphics, music to learn the Bible
  17. Spirit TV – The best Christian music videos to change the atmosphere in your home
  18. Juce TV – youth-oriented Christian television network
  19. Smile of a Child – Christian programming for young children
  20. LoveWorld USA – Benny Hinn & Ps Chris have joined to launch LoveWorld
  21. SonLife HD – Jimmy Swaggart Television
  22. Miracle Channel – popular ministries, documentaries, talk shows, movies, news, live programs & children’s shows
  23. Word Network – the largest African-American channel in the world
  24. His Channel – HD Christian TV Channel
  25. TCT HD – Evangelism, Education, Entertainment & Enhancement
  26. CTVN – Cornerstone Television Network has a variety of content
  27. NRB TV – An evangelical Christian cable channel
  28. Emmanuel TV – one of Africa’s largest and most viewed Christian television networks
  29. Angel TVmost viewed Indian Christian Prophetic & Entertainment
  30. Bible TV – most popular Indian Christian Channel
  31. Sonlife INT – Broadcasting globally, SBN is an extension of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
  32. World Dove Television – Christian Ministry Content
  33. Watchman TV – Christian media network
  34. The DoveChannel of The Redeemed Christian Church of God
  35. Hope Channel – Christian lifestyle network  by the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  36. LLBN English – Inspirational, lifestyle, educational, musical and talk show programs
  37. LLBN His Light
  38. LLBN Smart Lifestyle
  39. 3ABN English – is the Mending Broken People Network
  40. 3ABN Intnl – Reaching the world
  41. 3ABN Kids – 24/7 Channel for kids
  42. Amazing Facts – multifaceted, soul-winning ministry
  43. SAFE TVfamily-friendly programming
  44. FFE – Family Friendly Entertainment is a Christian Music Television Network
  45. CNN
  46. ABC News
  48. RT News World
  49. RT News Amerika
  50. Al Jazeera News
  51. BBC One
  52. Bloomberg
  53. WGN Chicago
  54. SKY Sport2 
  55. Weather Nation
  56. NASA TV
  57. IHOPKC

B) “OTHER” – Include the international & Radio Channels

  1. GOOD TV – CHINESE CHANNEL – GOOD TV is the first and the largest Chinese Christian broadcasting station in the world. The Gospel channel launched in 1998, offers family oriented programs to spread the good news. The channels strive to deliver faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ. GOOD TV is humbled by the 2014 NRB Award for International Television Ministry.
  2. CBS Korea – Korean Christian Channel
  3. SonLife Spanish – Jimmy Swaggart Television
  4. SonLife Portugese – Jimmy Swaggart Television
  5. TBN Enlace – Inspirational Christian programming to the Hispanic community
  6. Enlace Juvenile – Youth programming to the Hispanic community
  7. TBN Russia– is the world’s largest religious network
  8. TBN JUCE TV – youth-oriented Christian television network
  9. Smile of a Child – Christian programming for young children
  10. EuroNews Deutsche
  11. Deutsche Welle
  12. DW2
  13. France 24 French
  14. EuroNews French
  15. RT News Spanish
  16. Positive Life Radio
  17. East Texas Gospel Radio
  18. Gospel 108
  19. Joy FM Radio
  20. Gospel Jazz Radio
  21. Crossline Radio
  22. Pentecost Germany
  23. Praise
  24. City Life Radio
  25. Vera 24
  26. Ukraine 24
  27. boᴈᴘoxaehne

C) “GLORYSTAR” – GloryStar are our partners in ministry. The GloryStar IPTV list has over 100 Channels all in one list.

PLUS Many more channels to come!!!