Instal-Life is committed to Missions work, the GREAT COMMISSION, throughout Australasia and beyond. That’s why we are your CHRISTIAN TV MISSION PARTNER.

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Thank you for being as passionate about reaching people with the Good NEWS as we are!

We know that when you understand the urgency of reaching the lost, partnering with Instal-Life just makes sense. Your contributions go towards saving souls for Eternity. Together we reach prisoners, Aboriginal & unreached people, in Australia and the World.

Many of our customers consider their Missions Plan contribution as an offering to God for missions work. We take this very seriously and the FRUIT of this ministry speaks for itself! Why not give above and beyond your Missions Plan subscription and have an even greater impact. Speak to us today about this! Thank you in advance for your valuable help and support!

We have a special message for you, please select the drop down below appropriate to your circumstance:

You are the superhero in the Instal-Life story!

As you Watch What Matters on TV, know that your contributions are making a difference in the world! You are saving souls and reaching the unreached.


You are bringing the Christian message of hope and restoration and together we are sharing it directly into some of the most remote and inaccessible places in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

You are involved in MORE than just Christian TV. You are partnering and equipping our brothers and sisters in the Lord in Asia to take the Gospel to some of the most remote locations on the planet, places where no one even knows the name of Jesus.


It is because of YOU that we are seeing souls saved for eternity!

You can receive the latest NEW HD SET TOP BOX, with no upfront costs! Then by returning your current set top box and with your support we will help install Christian TV into a remote indigenous community - on your behalf!

You can be changing lives for eternity with a win-win-win outcome.

Every time you turn on your Christian TV you can know that you have helped a family, even a community do the same. Once you return your current (old) set top boxes we will install it into a family’s home that will appreciate it in a remote indigenous community.

Time is running out for people daily, however, with your contribution of just $5 per week or more we will utilize YOUR old set top box and our technician network to install a dish to get them Watching What Matters on your behalf, bringing the Gospel into their home!

You will be their superhero and will join the Missions Plan Family. Being on the Missions Plan you are also entitle to FULL service and support along with multiple discounts.

It is precisely because of our Missions Plan customers, who contribute monthly, that lives are being transformed and restored. You too can make a difference by helping to provide Christians Satellite TV to someone in need.

Lives are being restored. Whole communities are being transformed. Why not consider being a part of MORE THAN CHRISTIAN TV. You too can experience the joy of giving to those in need; every time they turn on their TVs!

Congratulations on upgrading to the BEST set top box available in Australasia!

We appreciate that you purchased your equipment outright & have already upgraded your set top box! Thank you.

There is an opportunity right now in our Missions outreach and we thought you’d like to be a part of it! At the same time, you will be SERVED faithfully anytime you need support, over the phone, technician support and parts, new for old exchange.

You can personally help us to install Christian TV into a remote indigenous community to change lives life-changing programs on Christian Satellite TV. Then every time you turn on your Christian TV you can know that you have helped a family or community do the same.

We have had hundreds of used set top boxes returned to us since everyone had to upgrade to HD. We want to put them into remote indigenous communities, but we need your help. Your contribution of just $5 per week or more will empower us to utilize a 2nd hand box and our technician network to install a dish to equip an indigenous family on your behalf, bringing the Gospel into their home!

You will be their superhero and will join the Missions Plan Family.

I'd like to contribute to missions.


Did you know you can now share the love, and ‘adopt’ for somebody’s subscription. We have a growing list of families who would LOVE to have wholesome, positive and Spirit-filled Christian TV in their homes – but can’t afford to do so.

Speak to us about how you can make a difference in someone’s life, by covering the cost of their subscription – that’s local Missions too!

Get a quote or request more info.


Great News! Instal-Life is making it as easy as A, B, C, D & E to keep your Christian Satellite TV.

Instal-Life have invested in 5,000 custom Instal-Life boxes to help you! These units will make TV viewing simple as we connect your TV antenna and Satellite TV cable in, so you can watch both platforms in the one location. We also have a technician network spanning the country to help you no matter where you live.

Adjust your Dish
Better Box
Changing Lives
Done for You
Easy Change Over

Launching on Australia Day 2023, Instal-Life became a central figure in the new broadcasting landscape in Australia. We are hosting and empowering the whole community of Christian channels to reach 1,000,000 existing vast viewers. As the first and only Christian Broadcaster in Australia we are thankful for your prayers and support.

The BEST way you can help is to visit to continue watching Christian TV whilst partnering with Instal-Life to reach the 1,000,000 viewers on VAST along with the other missions work we do with our customers and partners.

Christian Satellite TV is continuing on VAST with the Instal-Life HD Box. One of our technicians will adjust your dish and upgrade your equipment! Done for you. Nice & Easy.

If you need to help, please CALL: 1300 534488 (AUS) & 0800 54 33 88 (NZ).

Thank you in advance for your valuable help and support!

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