I’ve Got Christian TV
By Instal-Life in my HOUSE. I LOVE IT!!!

I would encourage you to prayerfully consider installing Christian TV into your home too because there are so Many Benefits for you AND at the same time You Fund Missions! Praise God!

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  • You Get 12+ Christian TV Channels in your Household 24/7 Free-to-Air…
  • You can Connect to 40+ exclusive Christian IPTV Channels for more depth and variety
  • You Get a HD Satellite Set Top Box that Auto Updates & Records
  • Instal-Life will Come Out & Set Up Everything, Easily & Professionally
  • PLUS you get $1000+ worth of FREE Christian Resources
  • AND I LOVE how all the PROFITS of my Missions Plan go to missions including:
    • GOD TV Installations into Prisons (11,000+ now have GOD TV in their cell)
    • 200 Full Time Missionaries funded
    • Remote Aboriginal & Rehab Centers getting Christian TV

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You can participate with MORE THAN CHRISTIAN TV.

The bonus with dealing with Instal-Life is that since 2005 we have enough customers on our Missions Plan to fully cover our operating costs. All new contributions and connections, once their direct costs are covered, fund Missions work to reach the lost, broken and those that need hope only found in Jesus! We fuel you with life changing content and you fuel missions work!

You will receive:

Because we want to see you equipped.

Because we don’t want to let you down.

Because we care about you.

Because we want to reach the lost!

I would like to Learn More and Reserve a Guaranteed Discount. I really would like to Receive a Free Information about The Positive Benefits Of Christian TV.

‘I would describe Christian TV as Safe, Full of Love, Truth, Positive, Full of Benefits, Provides Comfort, Happy, Value, Fun & Vital for every Christian’.
Instal-Life Founder, Wayne Knapman

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