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Introducing Instal-Life

Instal-Life is committed to providing the highest quality Christian TV in Australia and New Zealand, bringing you the most cutting edge, Spirit-filled content from around the globe, right to your home.

Our mission is to provide you with a service that will allow you to enjoy the very best Christian teaching, music, and entertainment in the comfort of your own home, at a minimum cost!

At Instal-Life we’re all about missions. We want to strengthen you so that your life is enriched and blessed by the Holy Spirit. And we want to equip you to partner with Global Missions and help share the Good News with the world. That’s why all of our Missions Plan profits support missions work in the least reached communities in Australia and the World.

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What will I see on Instal-Life Christian TV?

You will have access to MANY channels via Satellite & Internet TV including…

NOTE: Check with the team for current channel list on the satellite & IPTV platforms

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Connect and receive over $1000 worth of bonus gifts


After you are installed and enjoying Christian TV, the blessings continue to come! As a new customer, you will receive a book full of free gifts to choose for yourself!

‘YOUR RESOURCE PACK’ enables you to redeem DVDs, Books, CD’s etc. valued at over AU$1000 from over thirty of the most influential ministries in the world, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Your Resource Pack will absolutely bless you and your family making Christian TV a financial no brainer!

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How can I change lives while watching TV?

Instal-Life is committed to missions work, the GREAT COMMISSION, throughout Australasia and beyond.

100% of profits generated through our Missions Plan go to providing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who may not otherwise come in contact with it. We are committed to demonstrating Christian generosity across our region and beyond. This happens because of your commitment to Christian TV.

Instal-Life Missions operates within three key ministry streams:


You will be a part of more than Christian TV. As our Instal-Life Family grows we will be able to have more impact for ETERNITY.

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Missions Updates

The Mulan community have had suicides, but since they move GOD TV into that community the suicide incidences have stopped. God has made a move in that place!.
Instal-Life installs free for Remote Indigenous Communities
The people that did the work to get GOD TV into the prisons will probably never understand what a GREAT job they did & how much it helps people.
Instal-Life puts GOD TV into Prisons at no cost

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I’ll get good quality equipment, right?


You’ll get the best!

Instal-Life will supply you with the most technologically advanced Set Top Box currently available in Australasia – with $150,000 invested into Research & Development. You will be provided with the ‘best of the best’ state of the art technology.

Your newly installed technology is very user friendly and compatible with your current hardware. We have designed it that way, just for you.

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