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Many addicted men & women find direction and support in Christian rehabilitation clinics across Australasia. The Instal-Life family’s support has provided installations into 20 rehabs across our region EVERY YEAR.

Instal-Life is committed to do what we can to help support the workers and their clients by providing free, life-changing programming through Christian Satellite TV.

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11,000+ men, women & children can TODAY watch CH 7, 9, 10 & GOD TV in their own prison cell because of YOUR support and that of the Instal-Life Family.

Our vision is to install GOD TV into every single prison cell across Australia and New Zealand.


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ONE HUNDRED (100) full time missionaries are funded by the Instal-Life Family. Our aim is to support 500 missionaries to reach the unreached in Asia.

This region is the most unreached people group IN THE WORLD. We will be taking steps closer to our goal with YOUR continued partnership.

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Hope is what is needed most in remote Aboriginal Communities and you can help provide this hope for those who may  be isolated, forgotten and hopeless.  We believe the Gospel changes communities and by providing and installing Christian TV, together, we can affect change.

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Instal-Life is committed to do what we can to help support them by providing free, life-giving programming through Christian Satellite TV. Every year, your partnership & support has provided installations into a minimum of 15 rehabs centres.

One installation was at Teen Challenge in Gibson, WA whose work is said to be the most effective substance abuse recovery and prevention program of its kind. Like any journey, the road to sobriety begins with taking the first step. Many broken men & women find direction and support in Christian rehabilitation centers across Australia.

A Thank-You PHOTO from the men at SHALOM HOUSE after we installed Christian TV FREE of charge. Shalom House is a men’s Residential Rehabilitation Centre that is changing the lives of men and their families.


On behalf of the team here at The House of Grace, we would like to send our sincere appreciation for your donation and installation of Instal-Life Christian TV. We were blown away by your generosity – we are truly grateful for your support!

Your help is making a difference in the lives of all who work and live here in the home, as well as in the office. It will truly help us to continue to provide a safe, supportive environment in which the teens can learn the skills and knowledge required to parent confidently and have healthy, well-cared-for newborn babies. You are enabling us to provide a much needed service, empowering teens and young mums to reach their full potential. You are helping The House of Grace to build a lasting legacy with an ongoing impact”.

The House of Grace A home for pregnant teens in Hamilton New Zealand.

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Imagine being imprisoned for a moment, stuck in a small room for up to 23 hours everyday, isolated and lonely. Your only entertainment is a TV and some books… I bet you would CHANNEL SURF. Our prayer is we reach MANY inmates with GOD TV. Currently over 11,000 have access in their cell due to the prayers, breakthrough and funding of Instal-Life & our partners.

The following prisoners send greetings and are grateful for your continued support:

“I love watching GOD TV here in prison. I get so much inspiration from the Holy Spirit watching your channel. I also receive a lot of divine confirmation listening to teaching and preaching from Joyce Myer, Bill Winston, Sid Roth, Creflo, Kenneth Copeland, Andrew Wommack and so many more. I also love the apologetics and the worship; such heartfelt worship! May Jesus continue to bless your ministry worldwide into every corner of the earth and THANK YOU so much for reaching us in correctional centres. I appreciate your ministry so much!”
“Please pray for me. I don’t know anyone in this country. My church member stopped coming to see me and I don’t know why. I feel so alone. I’m glad I have GOD TV to watch. I pray for peace on earth and blessing for all the people in pain. Only God can help us.”
“Thank you for all the support Instal-Life shows to us here in prison (with installing GOD TV).”
I was filled and touched by the Power of God’s Love and forgiveness here in prison through GOD TV and now I lead my own prisoner-led Bible Study. Thank you Jesus, Father, Son & Holy Spirit for GOD TV. Amen!”
God bless GOD TV. Enclosed is a small seed, as small as a mustard seed, but big enough to move mountains. Thank you so much for all you do to teach us God’s Word. God has a plan for me and I am blessed.”
Thank you GOD TV for working so hard to reach the world and for the miracles happening to everyone viewing who supports GOD TV. Blessings can happen even in jail. A miracle happened to me. God has protected me from my enemy. He is my Saviour. God is with me. I stand on God’s Word and I am looking forward to being set free, restored and for God to take care of my mess. I believe God can do what human beings cannot. May God’s grace be with you all at GOD TV.”

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I'd like to contribute to missions.


We believe that the greatest injustice in the world is this:

That we can read or hear about Jesus any time we want to while millions have never even heard His name once.

We are committed to right this injustice by establishing local churches, planted by local Church Planters in the local language for the local people.

Friends, when you partner with Instal-Life you are also partnering with local Church Planters. Lives are being transformed right now eternity is being changed through your partnership – because you are choosing to help right the greatest injustice of all. Thank you for making such a significant difference!

Your decision to Watch What Matters will have an eternity impact that you will be proud of.

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Instal-Life is committed to support people living in remote communities. We have partnered with Chariots of Fire Ministries, Ps. Jack Harradine, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Woolaning Christian Schools, and others to share the good news about Jesus Christ, increase availability of Christian resources and offer two FREE Christian Satellite TV installations into every community.

So far, the impact has been tangible.

Since installing Christian TV into Mulan Community, there has not been ONE suicide for 2+ years.  Many have been baptized and have received healing and continue to be discipled by the programming and local pastors.  God has transformed this community.  Wouldn’t you love to see more communities transformed?

Aborigional Communities getting Baptised!BAPTIZE – This is Hanson, in the freezer, getting baptized.  He will be the new pastor with Joseph for their new church Holy Fire Desert Church.

Healed of kidney stones and gall bladder problems - Betsy in blue, husband and daughter MayHEAL – Betsy (in blue) loves her family and Community. Her husband is on the left and her other daughter is May.

When we were installing GOD TV in Mulan, May asked if we would pray for her as she had kidney stones and gall bladder problems and required surgery. Our technician, Brian, and his wife, prayed for her.  When she went for a final check up before the surgery,  the doctor could find no problem at all and sent her back to Mulan.

Group to be baptisedEVANGELIZE

“You really can’t do evangelism by sitting in your own church. Jesus said ‘Go’, not ‘Come’. He said ‘Make disciples of all people’, not make more church members. ‘All people’…so, we shouldn’t forget about Aboriginal people…” Ps. Jack Harradine

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I'd like to contribute to missions.