Introducing Instal-Life

Instal-Life is committed to you by providing the Highest quality Christian TV. You will engage with the most cutting edge ‘Spirit filled’ content available today, from all 4 corners of the globe. Professionally installed into your home will be the very best technology at a fraction of the cost!

There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit has blessed the work of Instal-Life to provide your home with Christian Satellite TV. Did you know that over 40,000 people across Australia & New Zealand are connected to Instal-Life? Our numbers are growing rapidly, as more and more Christians are responding to the Holy Spirits invitation.

People like you are deciding to wisely manage the type of content through media that is flowing into their homes. In Joshua 1:8 ‘God commanded Joshua to keep the word in his mouth and before his eyes, and that God would make his way prosperous, and he would have good success.’

Our mission is to provide you with a service that will allow you to enjoy the very best teaching from the body of Christ in the comfort of your own home, with a minimum cost to yourself!

There are numerous content benefits to you when you install Christian Satellite TV. You will have access to 15+ Free to Air Christian channels. You now have greater choice in the content you prefer to watch for yourself and your family. You can see teaching from our very best teachers, conferences, movies, prophets bringing the word, and your favorite Pastors or perhaps worship from our leading contempories in the music field. Your children have not been overlooked, they are catered to with programs that will inspire and be a source of encouragement for them as they negotiate their way through what can sometimes be challenging and difficult life issues. in addition to all of this, if you have a strong internet connection at home you have many more additional IPTV channels PLUS Video On Demand (VOD), including movies. Some of the channels you will have access to include:

We are seeing the results of lives changed after families have installed Christian TV into their homes. We guarantee your lives will change in the BEST way, as you commit to a better way of living with Christian TV.

You would have to agree; the content of television today is designed to reduce the individual to the spiritual level of the producers who create the shows you watch. Many of which are secular, lacking any form of Judeo-Christian ethos. Society is out of control, and popular television continues to support and confirm this in no uncertain manner.

The Holy Spirit is offering you options, after all the airwaves were created for Him to preach the Gospel of Life, Light and Increase to all flesh. Satan has captured the airwaves and is using them to pollute the world with his message death, darkness, decrease. It’s time for you to change the channel and make the switch to Christian TV.

We are sure that you are of the same opinion as the other 40,000 plus viewers of Christian TV, ‘that to make a change you have to be that change.’ Here is your opportunity, to make a difference in your families lives, by increasing their spiritual diet. Christian TV in your home!


ABOVE: The Knapman family have dedicated their lives to helping families connect to Christian TV whilst raising money for missions work to spread the Gospel and see souls saved since 2005.

May we remind you again, you will enjoy a wide variety of programming, with something for everyone. Watch the best, faith-filled content including, conferences, teaching, music, movies, documentaries and so much more!

Not only do you gain access to a world of inspiring and uplifting content; your subscription supports missions, with 100% of profits partnering with mission’s organisations. You are having a say with your finances in the distribution of your money, this is important for you as a good steward of your finances.


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