Instal-Life Testimonies.

GOD TV ministered to me SO much when I lost my husband… I believe everyone should have it, really, because it changed the atmosphere in our home!


We want Christian TV… through GOD TV we got connected to the WORLD!


God healed Will… the more I watch GOD TV, I started to feel HAPPY, that there is a hope and a future.
Will & Diana
I’ve had GOD TV for 4 years now & it has been my discipler, inspiration and my teacher… I’ve had physical healings by just being in the atmosphere!


The greatest thing of all was I had GOD TV. I hadn’t been to church in 12 months, I couldn’t go as I was too ill. GOD TV conforted me, gave me strength, and built up my faith & did all the things that a person that loves Jesus would like to do.
Dale & Judith
I just would like to say that I have received the installation of the satellite and it is fantastic…. Really enjoy it and I believe it will really help in my spiritual growth and to get my friends and family around to benefit from this also. There are some fantastic programs on this …..God Bless.


Hi Instal-Life, We just wanted to let you know that the satellite TV is going great; it has had an immediate impact and is a continual blessing to us. There are many programs I enjoy viewing, but I especially enjoy watching the conferences. So thank you for making this happen for us.
Malcolm & Judith


Hello there. Just would like to thank you for your prompt service. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you for what you are doing to enlarge His Kingdom! Your crown awaits you in heaven.


We are truly being blessed with the programs on Christian TV and the God channel. Thank you for your prompt installation and the technical support services offered. Thank you and blessings.


Emma and I would like to bless another family by getting GOD TV set-up for them. Can you contact them to arrange details and I will make the payment to you. My daughter has even given flyers to her youth Pastor at her school, who wants to have GOD TV etc installed and didn’t know how. It is also helping her study, be calm and peaceful, Glory to God!! You guys are helping equip, encourage and teach, heal, and bring salvations beyond the rational, thank you again so much, God Bless you with more of the anointing on you all!
Jerry & Emma


I am so glad that I installed Christian satellite TV when I did. My granddaughter aged 6 has been enjoying the Smile of a Child channel and it’s on 24/7 so there’s always something for the kids whenever they come over. Thank you again, I am encouraging all my friends to connect so watch out for more Toowoomba viewers. God Bless.


Thank you guys for all your professional help. You have been very easy to deal with and a perfect delight. Thanks for all your assistance God bless.
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