Instal-Life Mission Plan Update

June 16, 2022
Wayne Knapman

Dear Instal-Life Mission Partners,

Our trust is in God alone. We stand on the unchanging, solid rock of every single one of God’s promises! And our promise to you has not changed either. We are, and remain, Instal-life, your Missions partner. Thank you for your loyalty! Together, we can reach so many more who haven’t yet heard about the unchanging love of the Father.

Your Missions Plan continues to support, and fully fund, 200 local missionaries in Northern India and Nepal who are reaching unreached people groups in their own country. Those 200 missionaries have already planted 600 churches. Six hundred! It’s a staggering number. It is conservatively estimated that over 24,000 souls have been saved! If we can maintain this number of missionaries together until 2030, we believe it will be well over 100,000 souls. You are an important part of this amazing impact!

Many of these missionaries depend on our continued support, some of them even to stay alive! Why? Because they are in places where Christianity is forced to be ‘hidden’ or ‘underground’. Their very lives are often at risk because they are sharing the Good News. Yes, you are actually helping 200 men and women to spread the Gospel each day, reaching thousands of people every year, in the most persecuted places! Think about that. (I get emotional each time I think about it.) It’s an incredible privilege and responsibility to be part of. Praise God!

Locally, you continue to enable life-changing transformation by installing GOD TV into prisons. Even during lockdowns, we were able to install into Port Philip Prison – our first Victorian prison! This truly felt like a miracle, especially given the times we live in! This prison is Victoria’s largest maximum-security prison, able to accommodate up to 1,117 prisoners! Amazingly, the install is not in a common area, but it’s available for viewing on every TV, in every cell. Praise God!  He literally opened the prison doors when everyone was saying, ‘It’s impossible.” Like Paul and Silas, there is now praise and prayer even in the deepest inner cell. God made a way through you!

What’s more, we also gained approval to install into our first South Australian prison in Adelaide! You also continue to have impact in multiple Christian drug & alcohol rehab centres across the region as we install and maintain Christian TV in their facilities, including Shalom House and Teen Challenge.

I really trust you are being reminded how valuable you are and the impact you have on so many lives!

Another area Instal-Life continues to support is keeping ACCTV on the satellite. Many of you partnered with us to ensure this happened, THANK YOU. We invest a LOT of funds annually to help carry the channel via satellite, meeting their shortfall to ensure they remain on air. ACCTV have transitioning their branding to GOOD. this month in June. At the heart of GOOD is a strong missions focus. They exist to inspire all Australians with the life-transforming Good News of Jesus through engaging stories and programming. Your Missions plan support makes this possible.

GOOD (formally ACCTV) is a very important channel to have on the platform, not just for viewers like you, but for all the free installations we provided to Remote Indigenous Communities in the Kimberly. Their broadcast provides probably the most diverse, engaging and inviting programs for new believers and seekers. We really love it and know it makes a massive difference in the lives of so many viewers, thanks to your support.

Let me remind you that while your Missions plan contribution is used to spread the Gospel daily into the most difficult and unreached places on the planet, it also provides you with a peace of mind as it ensures full replacement cover (parts and labour) on your equipment.

So, if you were wondering if your Missions Plan makes a difference­ – the answer is YES, an emphatic YES.

Our heart is and always has been to support Missions. We mean it when we say we can’t do what we’re doing without your support. And I’m sure you’ll agree the world needs more of that!

Those you are reaching in prisons, rehabs, remote Aboriginal communities, unreached people groups in India and Nepal, would be lost without Jesus! They would be lost without the encouragement, discipleship, and community they find in the worship, teaching, and preaching, that builds faith, strengthens hearts and brings new hope and life!

Let me share one last story; Kathleen from Victoria, called recently to tell us that since the lockdowns started back in 2019, she rarely left her home.  “I’m elderly and live on my own with my dog.  I don’t get to see my kids or grandkids much anymore, and my church closed its doors for a long time. Every morning I turn on Christian TV and they’ve become my family – it’s like my church now. I wouldn’t get through a day without it.”

You are making a massive difference to so many people!

 I thank you for being a mission partner! Thank you for standing with this ministry today. You are loved, and your love and support is carried forward to the many multitudes across the globe, who are hearing about Jesus the Christ!

Media missionaries, we salute you!  We thank you!  We wish you & yours love, laughter and many wonderful surprises for 2022.

Together in missions!

Wayne Knapman & the Instal-Life Team

P.S. The work your Instal-Life team continues to do is amazing! Throughout all the recent challenges, the team have been focused on ensuring you have access to Christian TV and continue to provide Mission support!