Let the little children come

March 30, 2017

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” [Matthew 19:14]

Our children and grandchildren are a heritage from the Lord so it’s our duty to steward and protect their purity and innocence.

There are many influences in a child’s life, such as parents, peers, and economic and family circumstances. Television is one of the influences, which can have both positive and negative impacts on young children’s psychological, social and emotional development (ARACY 2010, Royal Children’s Hospital 2009).

Young children are watching television unsupervised more often than in the past (with multiple screens, and TV sets in bedrooms), and what they are watching is not always children’s or preschool age programs (Australian Communications and Media Authority 2007, Kaiser Family Foundation 2005). It is estimated that around 30 per cent of Australian homes have the television on all the time where it is often used as a ‘babysitter’ to keep children occupied (Royal Children’s Hospital 2009).

Did you know that your child’s brain development is the most significant from birth to age three? The mind of your child is like clay; forming early impressions of what it sees. These early impressions determine how your child perceives the world and directly impacts their adult behaviour. For instance, research has shown that children who are exposed to media violence behave more aggressively as children and adults. When a cartoon character or superhero beats up a bad guy to subdue him, children are taught that violence is the way to resolve conflict.

Many mainstream TV programs expose children to negative influences, and promote negative behaviour.  TV shows and commercials frequently demonstrate violence, alcohol, drug use and sexually explicit behaviour in a positive light.

Instal-Life Christian TV is committed to providing the best quality life-enhancing, age-appropriate content for your children and grandchildren. Our programming includes positive biblically-sound messages, provides good role models, appeals to children’s diverse interests and is aesthetically and technically of the highest standard.

You can absolutely rest assured that your children and grandchildren are in safe hands as they explore the wide variety of children’s programs available on Instal-Life Christian TV.

Quality children’s programs include:

  • Hillsong Kids (05-Hillsong Channel)
  • Cubby House (05-Hillsong Channel)
  • Tiny Tots for Jesus with Linda Johnson (11- 3ABN)
  • Kids Time with Brenda Walsh (11-3ABN)
  • Veggie Tales (04-ACC-TV)
  • BJ’s Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories (07 Inspiration TV)
  • Animated Stories from the Bible (06 TBN Pacific)
  • RocKidsTV (06 TBN Pacific)
  • Smile of a Child (Christian programming for young children)
  • Juice TV (Youth orientated Christian TV)
  • TCT Kids (Children’s programming)

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